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Still Holland

Although the Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries of the world, it also has countless serene places that are far away from the busy regions. With only nature’s sounds to listen to, the endless rush is far away an a tranquil peace reigns.

Top photographer Frans Lemmens shows this serenity- in which we can all find peace and relaxation- in a magnificant way in this stunning book. He captures the beauty of each of the six landscapes in the Netherlands: dune landscape, marine clay areas, peat marshlands, sands, river lands and hills. He has made a moving book, for everyone who wants to be delighted by the beautiful, silent side of the Netherlands.


Taal: Engels

ISBN: 9789059567641


Publicatiedatum: 25-08-2017

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Prijs: 32,00


Frans Lemmens

Frans Lemmens en Marjolijn van Steeden vormen samen het fotografenteam achter vele fotoboeken zoals The Netherlands at its Best - Throughout the Year (2020), Amsterdam (2019), De Wilde Stad (2018), Stil Holland (2017), Nederland op zijn mooist (2014), Nederland vanuit de lucht (2013) en Sahara (2005). Hun boeken zijn iconen in de natuur- en documentaire fotografie. Voor meer informatie: www.franslemmens.com.


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